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Upstate Home Maintenance Services offers heat pump installation, repair, and replacement to all Upstate homeowners. Our experts ensure your system is installed properly and functioning seamlessly.
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Heat Pump Installation & Repair

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Heat Pump Repairs

Does your heat pump system need repairs? The experts at Upstate offer heat pump repairs for your home. Trust our experienced professionals to keep your system working. Whether your system is making strange noises or isn’t producing anything other than air, we can come to your home or business, evaluate the problem, and make the appropriate repairs.

Heat Pump Maintenance

In South Carolina, every Spartanburg homeowner and business owner should be aware of potential issues with their heat pump so they can know when to call for Furnace Repair experts.

Regular heating system checkups are crucial for maintaining the health of your system. The ideal times to schedule these checkups are in the fall before winter and in the spring before it gets too hot.

Avoid waiting until your local HVAC contractor is booked out: secure a scheduled maintenance plan with Upstate today.

What’s the Difference Between a Heat Pump and an Air Conditioner?

Although heat pumps and air conditioners are similar in various ways, they also differ significantly. It is crucial to understand the differences to grasp how your HVAC system operates in your home.

The reversing valve is what differentiates a heat pump from an air conditioner. This gives heat pumps the ability to provide cold air like an aircon does, but to release humid air as well. With the reversing valve, a heat pump can take in heat from the outside and transfer it inside your home to warm up the temperature, especially during winter.

Heat pumps can release both warm and cold air, but air conditioners can only generate the latter. When the refrigeration’s flow direction is reversed in a heat pump, heat will be let out instead of cold air. Thus, a heat pump is an air conditioner and heater in one.



A heat pump unit for a single room starts at $500. In contrast, units covering an entire house range from $2000 to $8000, including installation. On the other hand, an air conditioner’s price varies. On average, the starting price is $200 for single-window units and $4500 for a modern split type. In terms of electricity, heat pumps will help you save on utility bills because their energy efficiency offers a significantly lower energy cost.



Maintenance and repair costs are almost the same with aircon and heat pumps. However, you will save up a lot on heat pumps because it is a two-in-one unit that goes both ways, unlike owning an air conditioning unit that requires you to maintain a separate heating system.



Many factors affect the lifespan of both a heat pump and an air conditioner, but the span of service of an AC is relatively longer because it is only used during warm seasons, unlike the double-purpose heat pump that is needed for both warm and cold seasons.

Before choosing which is best to purchase for your situation, it is essential to remember that you need to think wisely, seeing that you will utilize either of the two HVAC systems for a considerable amount of time.

The factors laid out above will help you settle on a decision. Still, there are also many elements to consider, such as your climate, location, etc. Before purchasing an HVAC system, it’s recommended that you speak directly with our team, to help you decide on which type of system will fit your needs best.

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