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Our Full List of Upstate Services

Our extensive experience has enabled us to evolve into a one-stop destination for all your heating and air needs to the Upstate area. Backed by fully licensed and certified team members, our proficient technicians are equipped to offer a diverse range of upstate services to meet your needs.

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AIr Conditioning Repair

Your air conditioning system is the single biggest energy consumer in your home, and that is why your system’s efficient operation is…

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AIr Conditioning Installation

Don’t suffer in the sweltering upstate summer without AC. Consider a new, energy-efficient system if your current one is 10 years old…

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Heat Pump Installation & Repair

When it comes to the crucial task of ensuring your family stays warm and comfortable when South Carolina gets a bit chilly…

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Heating & Furnace Repairs

Don’t endure the winter alone. Reach out to our team at Upstate Home Maintenance Services, your reliable choice for top…

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Furnace Installation

When considering whether to invest in a new furnace, factors like low energy efficiency and inadequate heating capacity play a significant role…

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Smart Home Thermostat

Looking for a Smart Thermostat? Save on energy costs and maintain ideal indoor temperature and humidity levels with our Honeywell Smart…

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Air Filtration Services

Ever noticed that your home can actually feel hotter at night than it does during the day? While the actual temperature inside the house may not really…

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Attic Fan

During boiling South Carolina summers, attics can become unbearably hot, and this heat can transfer through the house’s structure, making it challenging to keep the rest …

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Humidity Control

A home with high humidity can be concerning, as it can lead to dampness and the growth of harmful bacteria and fungi around walls, floors, and windows…

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Duct Cleaning

If you have concerns about dust, comfort, breathing-related illnesses, or visual build-up on your air vents, it’s likely time for Vent Cleaning or Air Duct Cleaning…

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Blown-In Insulation

Looking for a reliable insulation contractor in South Carolina? Call us at (864) 732-4676 today! Proper insulation in your home can improve…

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